After two years of unprecedented success in skiing, snowboarding, cycling and running, the ALINE team has listened to your feedback and created the most advanced insole known to mankind. Read on to find out why ALINE RED changes everything.


Aline Insoles


ALINE RED is unlike any other insole. It is designed as a suspension system, to balance the foot and let your leg align itself while in motion! Nothing else can offer this kind of natural alignment & performance… because nothing else is designed like an ALINE!


ALINE Red can be worn in almost any footwear with a removable insole. This is great news because ALINE allows the foot to strengthen, by enabling your foot muscles to move and adapt to the different forces you exert in sports and life. This means that by wearing ALINE every day, you get better balance, strength, health and performance ALL the time…


ALINE RED is worn by many of the Earth’s best athletes. Over 32 Winter Olympians are ALINE devotees, and ALINE insoles are under the feet of dozens of X-Games medalists, along with PGA Tour winners, mountain bike and cycling champions and triathletes who use ALINE to perform better AND prevent or resolve injuries.



Premium Hot & Cold Herb Pack

Hot Cold Pack


Professional microwave heat and cold pack 

SensaCare® Relief Series products are a wonderful natural alternative to electric heating pads and synthetic hot and cold applications. Simply heat in microwave or freeze in refrigerator. Filled with our premium blend, a mixture of 100% natural herbs and grains, SensaCare® Relief Series products combine the benefits of hot and cold therapy with aromatherapy for a natural approach to pain relief and physical recovery.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS, CHIROPRACTORS & THERAPISTS

Hot Pack 2 Hot Pack Hot Pack 3


The SensaCare® Relief Advantages

  • Improved hot & cold retention.
  • Effective moist heat application, enhancing deeper heat penetration.
  • Provides prolonged relaxation of hypertonic (tight) tissue allowing ease of movement and leading to early mobilization.
  • Multipurpose use – back, spine, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, glute, quad, hamstring, knee, ITB, adductor, calf, shim ankle and more…
  • Smart design – for maximum efficacy & extra comfort.
  • Enhanced product durability.
  • Reusable & portable.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Made in USA.

Not sure whether to apply heat or ice to an injury?

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