Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure?

Preseason Tx Article 1The 2016 athletic season has officially begun with the kickoff of the Winter Run Series and the annual favorite Brewery Run. Many of my patients past and present had a terrific 2015 season. I am personally proud to see that many of them performed consistently well , a good percentage finding their w ay to the  podium while others achieved PR’s and/or challenging, lofty goals. The names are too numerous to list, but you all know who you are.  A sincere and well deserved congratulation to all of you.  I am happy to have contributed in a small part to your success. Thank you for your patronage.

With the advent of a new season, it is an opportune time to address the nagging injuries and conditions that perhaps hindered your training and/or performance last season.  Many believe that simple rest in the off season is the antidote for your ailments; this is not always the case and a common misconception. Recuperation time is an important component but may not be enough to ultimately resolve the condition.

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Heat or Cold?

Hot or Cold Article

by Terry Stein, LMT, ART

Frequently when patients come in for treatment they are often confused regarding whether to apply ice or heat to their injury. In many cases they have chosen the wrong application. This brief article will provide a few simple guidelines and a better understanding of which application would be appropriate based on your injury and symptoms.


Hot or Cold Article 1Application of ice or cold is referred to as cryotherapy. Cryotherapy will initiate a sympathetic nervous system response. This is the fright, flight or fight response.

Cryotherapy will decrease the sensory nerve input and creates an anesthesia effect thus decreasing pain. It also decreases muscle spasm and cramping which is simply an involuntary muscle contraction. Since the sensory nerve input is being interrupted, the motor response causing muscle contraction is decreased creating temporary relaxation.

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